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My Story

My first experience in education took place in Richmond, VA after I graduated from VCU in 2007. I secured a job helping ASD students with homework and task initiation, a job which taught me the virtue of patience and adaptability. At the same time, I also began working at a psychosocial rehab center helping adults with mental illness transition back into society, a job which taught me compassion and the power of human will. While I loved both of these jobs, I had to decide on a path. In 2009, I chose to pursue a career in clinical psychology, and moved back to my hometown in Northern Virginia to take graduate classes at George Mason and American University.


During the first semester of classes, I quickly realized how much I missed teaching and making a difference in the lives of students. On a whim, I applied to MLS Educational Consultants, Inc. in McLean, VA and was hired as a part-time tutor. I spent years perfecting my craft, working with students of all ages and abilities on academics and executive skills. I eventually became Program Director, training other tutors and managing all K-8 educational services while continuing to work with college and high school students as well. After 10 years at MLS and the birth of my first son, I made the difficult choice to leave and pursue my dream of opening my own educational practice, CMT Education.

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